Road Trips with Kids

Road trips with kids, whether they are an hour’s drive to Grandma’s house or a trip across the country, can be exhausting for all involved.  The number of times I get asked, “are we there yet” is enough to make me want to pull my hair out.

Although playing with electronics and listening to books on tape can be great, sometimes we need more.  Here’s a list of car games for kids that we play when we need some distraction.


Choose an animal: All players have to make the noise that animal says before they speak, 1st person to forget looses.

Category game: Pick a category and kids need to say as many things in that category in within one minute

Silly sentences: One person chooses 5 random letters. Kids come up with sentences in which each word starts with the designated letter. For example, HRTB. Harry read three books.

Thumb war

Count how many red vehicles you can find in 1 minute

Count each animal you see on your drive

I’m so hungry game: I’m so hungry I could eat an item that begins with an “A”, then you repeat the “A” word and add a “B” word. Keep doing this for all the letters in the alphabet

How many people can you get to wave to you?

No talking contest: Who can be quietest the longest? (parents favorite)

Staring contest: Who can stare the longest without blinking?

Color Search: Pick a color and you have to find 15 objects that are that color

20 Car Games for Kids

Cookie Game: If I were to make cookies, I would add these ingredients

Name Game: You say a name, for example, Tom, and the next person says a name that starts with M, the last letter of the previous name.

Pick a common word and you can’t say that word the whole car ride. First person to say it loses.

Guess what I’m thinking: Get travelers to guess what you are thinking by providing three clues

Tell a story

Say one thing nice about everyone you are traveling with

Play charades

Pick a letter and find something in the car that starts with that letter

Name all the words you can think of start with the letter of your destination.

Need some quiet time in the car?  Check out our road trip travel pack that includes 12 pages of activities to keep your kids busy in the car.