Operation Happy Sock – Teaching kids gratitude

We have been busy giving back each month…in fact, too busy to write about it.  In March it was my daughter’s turn to lead her monthly Girl Scout Meeting and one of our activities was to make cat toys for the local animal shelter.  My daughter loves cats (all animals for that matter) and so when I was searching a for a service project I came across Happy Sock.

Happy Sock, is an easy activity for all ages (my 5 year old did it).  Here’s what we did:

  1. Collected socks from the troop that had been sitting in their dressers and missing a mate.
  2. I purchased the following items:
    1. Fiber Fill from my local JoAnn Fabrics – don’t forget your coupon for 40% off
    2. Cat Nip

Happy Socks Supplies








I brought the supplies to the meeting and the kids put in about a spoonful of cat nip, some fiber fill and then left enough room to tie the end.

It was a super easy and fun project and the local Humane Society was SOOO excited to get them!